“You are not Alone”
“It’s ok to put yourself first”
“You are stronger than you ever dreamed”

These are just a few of the sentiments collected as part of “We’re In This Together,” a photography project and fundraiser that offers messages of encouragement, hope, support and love to new mothers. Coordinated in partnership with the Pacific Post Partum Support Society and the Good Mother Project, we’ve been photographing and collecting personalized messages to share with a mother or parent who may be feeling overwhelmed or distressed or experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety.  We know that an estimated 1 out of every 6 women and 1 out of every 10 men experience troubling depression or anxiety after birth or adoption of a child. We want them to know they are not alone.

The second round of this unique photography series is launching on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018, with images appearing on the social media sites for both the Good Mother Project and the Pacific Post Partum Support Society.

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Good Mother Project


Pacific Post Partum Support Society



If you feel inspired to participate in this special photography series, we’d love to include you!  If you’d like to be sent updates and registration information for future events, please join our mailing list.


Participants at “We’re In This Together” events will have the chance to write and be professionally photographed with their personalized message. Each portrait will be included in the “We’re In This Together” series* on the Good Mother Project and Pacific Post Partum Support Society websites and social media platforms. You’ll also be invited to take part in small pampering experiences, such as make-up touch-ups and massage, as well as enjoy light refreshments and beverages, and take home a “thank you” goodie bag.

So, if you could go back and offer words of encouragement to yourself as a new mother, what would you say? If you witnessed a loved one feeling overwhelmed or anxious after the birth of their new baby, what message would you give to them? If you experienced postpartum depression or anxiety and made it through, what would you like to say to other mothers experiencing it now?

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ section.

*By participating in “We’re In This Together”, you are consenting to your image being used online on the Good Mother Project and/or the Pacific Post Partum Support Society’s website and social media. You will also be invited to share a more in-depth version of your story on the GMP and/or PPPSS online blog and/or social media sites. It’s our hope that in sharing these messages and stories that we will be able to help other new mothers feel less alone and isolated on their motherhood journey.

Portraits taken during the “We’re In This Together” photography project may also be used down the road in a print product (journal, calendar and/or coffee table book) that will be used as a fundraiser for the Pacific Post Partum Support Society.


Pacific Post Partum Support Society

The Pacific Post Partum Support Society has been supporting mothers and their families experiencing postpartum/perinatal distress, depression and anxiety for over 40 years. The program started in 1971 as a grass roots initiative when a small group of women began meeting at the Vancouver Crisis Line office to share their experiences and support each other around postpartum issues. This established the pattern for our treatment model: mothers supporting mothers. This was a new approach to addressing the issues of postpartum depression and one that has since influenced changes in postpartum support.

Good Mother Project

At the Good Mother Project, our goal is to celebrate the joy of motherhood as well as acknowledge how challenging it is to be a mother. Motherhood is messy and vulnerable, and in the midst of self-doubt, insecurity, and fear, it can be all too easy to pass judgment on others or feel as though asking for help is a sign of failure. Instead, we are calling all mothers to take a deep breath, to say to themselves and each other, “You are a good mother, and you’re doing a great job.” Through the sharing of our stories of motherhood, we can recognize, encourage, celebrate, support and connect with one another.

One Thing Designs

Inspired by a documentary, we’re on a mission to fight isolation everywhere! Our motto is to EMPOWER + CONNECT people in a real, tangible sense.
What we learned from the documentary was that people everywhere are left isolated because we don’t know how similar we really are to them.

So Here’s What We do!
We ask people all around the world “What is ONE THING you bring to this world?” We put their answers inside each locket we sell so you can see how valuable and connected we each are. When you open your locket, you’ll find a tangible connection with someone new! Then, you can use the locket inserts we provide and wear your own empowering message inside like “My One Thing is to feel the fear and do it anyways” as a little reminder. Or, gift one thing you love about someone else to empower them!

We donate 10% to programs that help prevent isolation. Currently, we give back to Postpartum Depression prevention and Living On One’s non-profit initiatives to fight isolation (they made the documentary that inspired us!).

eran jayne photography

Eran Sudds is a photographer, mama, and postpartum depression survivor. She is the founder of the Good Mother Project, and is passionate about making sure other mothers and mothers-to-be know how amazing they are, as both moms and women. She resides in Tsawwassen, BC where she runs a family photography business, and has a spunky, loveable 4-year old son, and a very patient & supportive husband.