What is Your Favorite Childhood Summer Memory? 1   Recently updated !

With summer officially here and school ending for summer break we are feeling a bit nostalgic. As each of us embark on summer vacations or simply turn on the sprinkler for some simple, old-fashioned fun, we wanted to know: What is your favorite childhood summer memory? Perhaps it was a specific vacation, trip to the beach or the fact that your mom made the best homemade popcicles? While I have fond memories of sleeping on the trampoline under the stars and eating insane amounts of watermelon with my best friend in her backyard – I do have one favorite. One […]


Growing Up Pains

Growing Up Pains

“Honey,” my husband said when I was pregnant, “I promise. When the baby is born I’ll take over every night and every weekend.” He lied. My husband is a wonderful man. A wonderful father. He cried in the delivery room. He changes diapers without complaint. He doesn’t even mind when our son throws up on him. But he works late, and travels often. He has Friday night business dinners, Sunday morning meetings, and black tie events to which wives are not invited. I’m a reasonable woman; I understand how weary he is. “I’m just not in the mood to give […]

The Last Baby: The Cost of Bipolar 2

When my husband I were first married, we decided to start having children ASAP: we were married in August and I was pregnant by the end of December, immediately after graduating college and landing my first “big girl” job. Over the next four years I was one of those women who popped out a baby one after another. To brag a little about our organization and planning skills, they were meant to be born exactly two years and one month apart ( September 2008, October 2010, and November 2012). My middle fellow tripped up our plan by coming a month […]

The Last Baby

When You Realize Youve Traded Your Sanity

That Moment You Realize You Traded Your Sanity For . . .Your Children

When you are lucky enough to have children, you give them your all. You commit fully. And doing that often means losing every ounce of sanity you may have had left. It happens to each and every parent. It’s a fair trade, though . . . your brain cells in return for these amazing little people. Inevitably though, there is that moment when you realize they have sucked all the sanity right out of your brain. My first moment of awareness (and I have had many more since!) came when I sent my kindergartner to school in an adorable penguin […]