Dear Mama in the Making

Dear Mama in the Making, I want you to know that you’re my person. You’re my person, and I’m going to tell you why. I know you’re tired, uncomfortable, exceedingly grateful and emotional, cranky, anxious, nervous, excited . . .I know. You’re ready . . .I know. I want you to know that motherhood is a winding road that stretches you in every new turn, but magic and beauty sprout up all along the way. I want to tell you to hire someone (or beg a friend) to take some pictures of you with your baby still on the inside, because you […]

mama in the making


The Empathy & Self-Care Balance   Recently updated !

I recently went to my first “parent-teacher” meeting at daycare – my daughter is four.  It went something like this: Teacher: “Your daughter shows so much empathy, it’s really amazing!  Not a lot of kids her age are able to empathize in the same way.  She even helps resolve disputes between her friends.  Other kids go to her when they are upset and she really helps them.” Me: “Oh that’s wonderful!”  [My inside voice is shouting with pride – we need more empathy in the world!  That’s my kid!  Way to go!] Teacher: “Sometimes, this level of empathy can be a bit hard on […]

To All The Co-Sleeping Parents I Judged Before

To All The Co-Sleeping Parents I Judged Before, I’m sorry. I owe you all a huge venti-sized apology. I was the mom that secretly swore her child would never co-sleep. “No way!” I told myself and my husband. “He has his own room, and he will sleep in there. We will not become one of those families.” Yet, since September, our three year old has been sleeping in our room. Every single night. And it probably won’t change anytime soon. So, for any co-sleeping parents out there who know what sleep routine works best for them and can’t remember the […]

To All the Co-Sleeping Parents

empty tank

Running on Empty

One morning, I woke up from a three-month coma. Downstairs, my 17 and 15-year-old girls were preparing for school. “What are you doing up?” greeted me instead of a warm, “Morning mommy.” The older one was lacing up knee-high boots to waltz out the door in a micro mini skirt that I swear I never would have ever bought her, over opaque black tights. Before I could say anything about the skirt, the younger one rushed by with cold cereal in a baggie and one of my Starbucks travel mugs in her hand. My question of “What’s that?” was met […]