Every Moment I Have with You   Recently updated !

Dear Mom, I realized that I don’t take enough time to tell you just how much I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for me. So today I want to rectify that! Growing up, I took it for granted that you would always be there for me. And you never let me down on that. Every scraped knee (and there was a lot of them since I only had boy cousins to play with!), you were there to put that icky, burning iodine on it and a band aid. When the others didn’t want to play […]

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Motherhood and Cancer   Recently updated !

Many parents grapple with the idea that they will not always be there for their children. I did not think I would face this question when my daughter Aye was 16 months old and I not even 30. Two years ago, I was in my office on a Monday afternoon, busy and stressed as usual. I had just resigned from my job the week before. My phone rang: a number I didn’t recognize. “Hi, Joanna, this is Dr. Lesch. Remember when I said this might be cancer?” I didn’t. “Well, it looks like it’s GTD.” What does that mean? “You […]

I Didn’t Choose to Have a Perinatal Mood Disorder   Recently updated !

Before I had kids, I was clueless (read CLUELESS) about babies and children. I went to the classes and listened to my family and friends share their “nuggets of gold.” I heard how hard being a mom was but how it was so rewarding. People told me I would feel a love unlike any I had experienced. I read all the books, blogs and watched all the films. Before long, I found myself flooded with information, hugely pregnant and obsessing over every detail. I bought the glass bottles so my baby wouldn’t be exposed to harmful chemicals. I bought every […]



Earless Bunnies   Recently updated !

I don’t like to cook. I realize when I admit this to myself I am, in effect, labelling myself. Putting myself in a box, reiterating the flaw over and over again until it becomes truth, something hard to escape or grow out of. The label is now an excuse. But the fact is, I’d rather scrub dried cheese dip off the crock pot than pan-fry pork chops. When my husband and I bought our first house together, I pored through recipe books and murder-mystery-themed dinner menus, making elaborate lists. And then nothing came out right. The sides were done when […]