The Miracle of Imperfect Timing

Two kids under two was never part of my plan. My husband, whose sister is a mere 14 months his senior, assured me having kids close together would be not only good planning (get those hard years out of the way) but also a good investment in their friendship (he counts his sister and her husband among his best friends). My brother is six years younger than I am, and as much as I have always adored him, the years between us often seemed like eons. I figured there was probably a happy medium. Perhaps we’d try for a second […]

Before and After 2

Leanna Monteith measures her life in Before and After. There is the Old Leanna and the New Leanna, and something in between that is the culmination of both–an amalgamation that she works towards every day. She tells me a story about becoming a mother, losing herself completely, then having to become a mother to her daughter all over again. Leanna has deep knowledge about what it means to rebuild a sense of self. Old Leanna lived in Trail and worked as an Electrical Designer. She was twenty-eight years old and physically fit, married and happy, and planning to have a […]

Do You Believe?

What is a miracle? If you grew up in a Catholic household like I did, you may attribute the word to God himself (and quietly doubt that God told your aunt to take her washing in just before the rain came down on the driest day of the year; we’d call that Irish weather and a bit of luck). Or you may think of coincidence, luck, or even serendipity. Do you believe in miracles? I am not talking about the I-was-unable-to-walk-but-suddenly-I-am-now-able-to-run-wild-and-free kind of miracle – I am talking about the smaller, quieter kind of miracles that some people don’t even […]

Turning Tragedy into Treasure

It is easy to count my blessings when they are right before my eyes. My husband and my two daughters are easily at the top of my list. They bring me joy and give meaning to my life. Blessings walking, breathing and living right in front of me. There are absolutely other blessings in my life, obvious ones like food on my table and a roof over my head. My family is free to choose which religion we want and to worship and follow it freely. We live in a beautiful place and have an abundance of family and friends […]