The Struggle is Real   Recently updated !

It has been a few weeks that the kids have been back at school and we, all seven of us, are adjusting as best as we can. Of course, the least favorite part of this adjustment is the earlier bedtimes that are then combined with the earlier wake-up times. It would appear that all of my children inherited my dislike of the early morning hours and share in expressing those feelings most days. Such expression consists of the head buried under the covers accompanied by several grunts, moans, and a 15 minute get-out-of-bed-even-though-I’d-rather-put-needles-through-my-eye-process. Painful. Very painful, and yet quite remarkable […]



When I’m Not Myself   Recently updated !

I often say I am a recovering perfectionist. I’m a recovering chameleon, too. As a child I moved around every few years; as an adult I have followed a similar pattern. And every time I transition, every time I begin a new adventure, I think, Who will I be this time? Transition can be stressful, and one of my most steadfast coping mechanisms has been to hang back, observe, and quietly wait until I learn the rules of a new environment. Once I’m comfortable, once I know what I’m up against, I adapt to whatever version of myself feels most […]

A Letter From Your Friend Who Doesn’t Want Kids   Recently updated !

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time. I have friends who are moms. I have friends who aren’t moms. I have friends who desperately want to be moms but aren’t yet. I have friends who have lost children after less than a month, and after more than 40 years. I have friends who lost children before they were born. And I have friends who have survived every combination of the above, and any not included. I am lucky to have a range of women in my life that I call friends, of all ages and stages in […]



The Mask of Contentment 2

I hate fake people, always have. I have always been suspicious of people who are trying desperately to exude something that are clearly not. I’m not exactly sure why but they make me feel uneasy in a way. I am a pretty honest and straightforward person, or at least I would like to think that I am. I often think to myself, when little inter-friendship or inter-family dramas unfold, “life is too short for this sh*t.” Generally speaking, I am pretty much one of those ‘what you see, is what you get’ kind of people, wearing my heart on my […]