Viral Video Aftermath: Mommy Playtime at the Park 1   Recently updated !

Recently, my friends and I were in a semi-viral video. It hit one million views in under a week. It has given me a lot of feelings about myself and about motherhood. My friend and fellow Fit4Mom instructor came across a clip of a woman doing burpees over and under the swings on her local playground. It was awesome. After our workout the very next day, we headed to the park to try it for ourselves, and it was hard, but we did it. And it was a BLAST. Here’s the video. If you listen hard, you can hear me […]

Laura Doran

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Play Dates: Friends Come From the Strangest Places   Recently updated !

One of the things I love about watching my daughter with other children is the lack of judgment present when it comes to making friends. Toddlers don’t care about cool clothes, height, weight, what their parents do for a living, or how big their playmate’s house is. Such judgments are learned later in life. It becomes easy to justify not becoming friends with someone based on rumors one has heard, outfits they wear, the side of town they live in and even their past relationships. As one gets older it’s difficult to push these feelings aside and honestly let oneself […]

Surviving the Fun-E Farm: An Agoraphobic First Play Date   Recently updated !

My name is Dana and I am agoraphobic. I suffer social anxiety and severe panic attacks, and my fear of having these attacks leads me to avoid interacting with people I don’t know. But when I found the bright yellow envelope with my toddler’s name on it in his backpack and my husband and I realized we’d received a last-minute invitation to a birthday party—for the first time ever—I surprised both of us. I told him we had to go. Our son is a little younger than two. We’ve never been invited on a play date. Part of me is relieved, […]

Surviving the Fun-E Farm: An Agoraphobic First Play Date

Jori Mintz

The Reality of One   Recently updated !

It’s 3:30 on Thursday. That magical time when some of my favorite people gather at the house of whoever was the sucker that week to watch our two-year-old demolition crew take down the playroom. As the kids mostly ignore each other, save for the random playing of “Ring Around the Rosie,” and turn their attention to emptying bookshelves, dismantling small pieces from toys, and pulverizing goldfish into the carpet, another friend announces that, surprise, baby #2 is on its way! It’s innocent enough, expected really. A typical bend in the plot for the mom of a two-year-old. As is the […]