Motherhood: Unfiltered ~ Nancy

In an age where social media and technology provide us with constant opportunities to take and retake photos, add filters, edit flaws and present an often unrealistic image of ourselves and our lives as mothers, we set out to create a series of real-life motherhood moments – without the filters, without the edits, but with all the beauty.


In her words:

Like many women and couples, we had trouble starting a family. Our first pregnancy miscarried, but we tried to stay positive by saying, “at least we can get pregnant and will try again”. A few months later, we were pregnant again. At 18 weeks along, we started learning about our baby’s health complications. We had accidentally been told her gender, but that was ok, because now we knew who we were rooting for – our daughter. Through countless ultrasounds and genetic testing, we knew everything we could about her. At 24 weeks, more testing concluded that her life, if she made it to birth, would be more than challenging. We made the most difficult decision of our lives to terminate our much wanted and much loved pregnancy. I hated that word, terminated.

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