Motherhood: Unfiltered ~ Aimee

In an age where social media and technology provide us with constant opportunities to take and retake photos, add filters, edit flaws and present an often unrealistic image of ourselves and our lives as mothers, we set out to create a series of real-life motherhood moments – without the filters, without the edits, but with all the beauty.

This is Aimee.



In her words:

Four months after giving birth to me daughter, I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, which I’d had unknowingly throughout my entire pregnancy. Our first postpartum year was interrupted with chemo and multiple surgeries, and then my daughter’s other mother – my wife – left us just after my daughter’s first birthday. When my daughter was only two, I was re-diagnosed and went through treatment again while raising her largely on my own. We are still waiting for that clear scan. There are not a lot of people like me: queer, single parent, advanced cancer. I would love to see this side of motherhood represented. It’s raw, it’s real, and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have survived had it not been for motherhood.

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