Because the Good Mother Project is a collaborative project, it would not be possible without all the beautiful contributions from dozens of mamas all over the world. Thank you to all the mothers who have written stories for us, been photographed by us, and have volunteered for us.  We are so incredibly grateful.

Eran Sudds, Founder

Eran Sudds is a photographer, mama, and postpartum depression survivor. She is the founder of the Good Mother Project, and is passionate about making sure other mothers and mothers-to-be know how amazing they are, as both moms and women. She resides in Tsawwassen, BC (just outside of Vancouver), and has a spunky, loveable 4-year old son, and a very patient & supportive husband.

Eran is available for speaking engagements and interviews. She tells her story with honesty, bravery and a good dose of humour. Her mandate is to encourage, inspire and empower others who are navigating the same pressure-filled waters of parenthood. For more information, to schedule an interview or book Eran for a speaking engagement, please contact: Kristina Matisic Creative Inc. 604-732-7771

Erin Curlett, Blog Editor

Erin Curlett is a writer, new mama, and recovering perfectionist. She is passionately committed to speaking the truth about motherhood in all its messy, beautiful glory in the hope her stories will help other mamas feel a little less alone. Erin has brought this website to life with her beautiful writing, and helps manage the blog and Facebook page.


Mallory Armstrong, Social Media Manager

Mallory is a “new” mama to the Shrimpress, a lover of Tribes and inspiration addict. She fulfills both roles of a stay-at-home and working mom alongside a fantastic husband who has given in to embracing all things pink. When not trying to slow time down, she’s hosting dance parties to T-Swift and making up songs with her daughter. You may find her sharing social media goodness as @amalloryd and leading a celebration of circular living at ACircularLife.


Michelle Smid, Community Outreach Coordinator

Michelle Smid is a mom of two little girls and wife to Spencer. She is passionate about creating a community of mothers who are authentic about the emotional roller coaster of motherhood, supporting and accepting each other. Michelle loves to read, have dance parties with her daughters and cook. Michelle is girly, silly and an idealist.