At the Good Mother Project, we believe in the importance of sharing real motherhood moments and supporting each other through those moments and all the stages of motherhood. Your story is important, no matter how big or how small it may feel, and we believe that through sharing it, you can find community and support.

One of the ways we support each other and share our stories is visually, through various photography projects.

Motherhood Unfiltered

In an age where social media and technology provide us with constant opportunities to take and retake photos, add filters, edit flaws and present an often unrealistic image of ourselves and our lives as mothers, we set out to create a series of real-life motherhood moments – without the filters, without the edits, but with all the beauty.

“Mom & Me” Photography fundraisers

In May 2015, 108 mothers & their children participated in the first ever Good Mother Project “Mom & Me” photo sessions.  Each mother was invited to have her photo taken with a message of love, support or encouragement for another mother. All proceeds raised from these photo sessions benefited the Pacific Post Partum Support Society in Vancouver, BC.

“Mom & Me” photography fundraisers took place again in November of 2015 and September of 2016, and again, all proceeds benefited the Pacific Post Partum Support Society.