Community Post: What is Your Mama Super Power?


If you are a mother, you have super powers. Whether you may know it or not, I 14520530_10157590670015624_5822438569069823888_nam sure you can manage to drink cold coffee, fold laundry and rock the baby’s bouncy seat with your foot. Maybe you make the World’s Best Mac and Cheese or have the perfect cure for healing boo-boos. This month we asked our readers what their super powers were; here are their answers! – Michelle Smid, community outreach coordinator.


What is your Mama Super Power?

Hubby said I do great with just one arm while child is on the other one. – Lauren Coto

My 3.5 year old said yesterday when I handed him a snack that I was the “best muma in the world”. Cue heart melt. – Kylie Blenkhorn

I can function on very very little sleep. I have had days when my daughter was up all night and I maybe had three hours of broken sleep. Despite that I was able to get up, go to work and conduct myself in an extremely efficient and effective manner in a very fast paced government job! – Katie Lee

My super hero power is singing babies to sleep. When I was still working as a nurse I could always sing and rock the babies to sleep, and my kids’ eyes get heavy as soon as I start singing. (Staying asleep is a different story, unfortunately!) – Lorren Lemmons

I am not sure if this is *really a super power but I am proud of it . I have a weak stomach , meaning it flips and churns at the slightly smell of the brown stuff, but thanks to my darlings especially my eldest son (who has Hunter Syndrome) I can now clean, wipe even pick up the brown stuff all while singing and smiling. My stomach doesn’t even register what the brown stuff actually is anymore !!!! – Geraldine RentonĀ 

I can finish laundry, vacuuming and dinner for the evening every Monday before noon ; ) Husband says it’s my robot mode. – Marisa Svalstedt

I feel like Super-mom when I tandem nurse (literally) my two little sweethearts…let me tell you, it’s not easy! – Sabrina JonesĀ 14479780_10153869956851570_3036498975097500163_n

I am a world class multi-tasker. I can feed all of my kids while on a conference call, and at the same time cook dinner (for tonight, tomorrow and some for the freezer), respond to patient emails, make tomorrow’s lunches and snacks AND still have a clean kitchen when it’s all done. – Lisa Ghent
My super power is online shopping. I know this sounds ridiculous, and maybe it is. I have been ordering my groceries online. I sit down and meal plan for the week, and then go online and order my groceries. In 20 minutes I have taken the trouble out of figuring out what to eat, use new recipes and have grocery shopped without kids, in my pyjamas from the comfort of my couch. Voila! – Michelle Smid

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