Community Post: Where Do You Need to Make a Fresh Start This September?

arm-1284248_960_720The community post blog took a short break over the summer, and now we are back and ready for everything that back to school brings. Routine, order, and fresh school supplies. September always seems like a new beginning, similar to January. A chance to break bad habits of a lazy (or busy!) summer and set some goals for the rest of the year.

We want to know, where do you need to make a fresh start this September? Perhaps its getting back on track with exercise or starting a new job. As I sat down with my Ultimate Mom Planner calendar for the month of September and began writing in activities and new school schedules, I realized that I was busy scheduling in important items for everyone in our house but me. This month I am going to do a better job of  scheduling in exercise on a regular and consistent basis, along with meal planning so I don’t make any unhealthy last minute meal choices. – Michelle Smid, Good Mother Project Community Outreach Coordinator


Some of our Good Mother Project readers weighed in on what they are craving for a fresh start in this September.

“Son’s second birthday is the 5th and party the 10th. After I get my mind back together again I want to find time for me and start back on my weight lost journey because after all is never to late to start!” – Lauren Coto

“For me personally, I need to make a fresh start on self-care. Somehow, caring for my own health and well-being was pushed to the bottom of the priority list over the summer, so this September, I’m going to start taking better care of myself – book that massage! Take that fitness class! And breathe :)” – Eran Sudds

“I need to take on the mindset of dealing with one day at a time; with four kids there seems to be new issues to deal with all the time (and the number of appointments can be overwhelming!) and I need to just focus on one step at a time.” – Louise D. Chapman

“I am making a fresh start in surrender and being a warrior of compassion for myself and my family. I am getting the world’s biggest do – over. After suffering from PPD after the birth of my son I delayed having another child out of fear and trepidation. Almost five years later my daughter is here and I’m starting this whole motherhood thing again. This time with greater wisdom. It’s still intensely hard but I’m finding ways to experience joy this time that I completely missed last time. I’m starting motherhood again and digging deeper in my journey.” – Andrea Paterson

“Work/Life balance! I made myself crazy trying to work every free moment this summer. I’m going to try to create a routine and stick to it!” – Megan Prince Stonelake

“I’m making a fresh start on balance, in every aspect of life. Since having the twins I have been (happily) dedicated to making sure they are healthy and happy babies, taking on solo parenting 80% of the time while my husband runs our new business. So in Sept I am making life-family-personal-fun balance a priority. I’m going to start working again, I’m going to take care of myself, I’m going to tell my husband I love him, I’m going to try and like my dog again : ) This is probably the same as most new moms, this balance just goes out the window in the first year – and of course it does! We are just figuring out how to keep one or two babies alive! September is time for me!” – Katie Jameson

“I’m cutting out should from my vocabulary. Instead of saying I “should” exercise more, or i “should” leave work on time, or I “should” play more or I “should” do something I’m not doing, I will pause to ask if I want to prioritize it, if I want to try it, if I want to choose to do it or simply chose NOT to do it. I have the power to make choices and start over when those aren’t the best choices.” – Lester Lee

“I feel like I need to make a fresh start with my marriage. Oh wow, that sounds bad when I say that out loud! Haha, but what I mean is a fresh start with making my relationship with my husband a priority. Making more of a conscious effort to let him know I appreciate him and all that he does for us and make an effort to have date nights on a more regular basis, even just taking time to have an actual real conversation with him instead of trying to talk over our chatterbox toddler.” – Kylie Blenkhorn

“My fresh start is to start putting myself first more often. I constantly make excuses as to why I can’t exercise or go out with friends or find some “me time”. I need to start making myself a priority. I need to be healthy and happy in order to be the best possible mom. And it starts by making time for me. I deserve it. We all do!! ❤️” – Katie Lee

“I think mine touches on a similar theme to some of the responses in this thread: I need to make a fresh start on living in the present moment. Before I became a mother I was always thinking ahead to the next ‘big’ and ‘exciting’ thing. When I became a mother I realised that doing that meant I would miss out on the moments happening right before my eyes. Just today we went to the park and I found myself slipping – wishing that my daughter was ‘just a bit bigger’ so that she could play on the equipment on her own – without me trailing behind her all the time. But then I remembered that she’s not going to be this small forever – and that one day I will miss it. So I had to make a conscious effort to bring myself back into the moment and appreciate life the way it is. It’s a very tough thing to do – to live in the present and appreciate the here and now – especially when there’s things like work and ‘real life’ to worry about – but I think the pay off is soooo worth it. It’s a constant work in progress I think!” – Marina Kalcina

“Fresh start this Sept? Nothing lofty; would simply like to get better organized at a dinner plan. I love to cook, but not when I walk through the door at 6:30 plan-less…so today is all about the plan!” – Ann Klotz

“I think my husband and I need to start making time for us. We love spending any spare moment he is home with our daughter. We do date night like once every 3 months, and even those are two hours max. We need to make an effort to have fun together like we used to, because we did have a lot of fun that didn’t include staying in the kiddie area ; ) Its important to maintain us.” – Marisa Svalstedt

“I am going back to work teaching high school but almost everything is new. New school, new colleagues, new subject I will be teaching, new students and new (farther) commute. I did not apply to this job but was laid-off from my last school and placed at the new school all during my maternity leave. So my fresh start this September is lots of newness: my new job plus adjusting to our new schedule and putting our son in daycare for the first time. Wish us luck!” – Liz Parker-Cook

“We listed our home for sale. Once that’s done we will start traveling Europe and the USA for the next 18 months. Our daughter begins her Au Pair year in Germany tomorrow, so it’ll be my husband, 3 year old and I on the road. I’m excited and nervous. Prayers appreciated.” – Nina Leicht-Crist


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