What is Your Favorite Childhood Summer Memory?

With summer officially here and school ending for summer break we are feeling a bit nostalgic. As each of us embark on summer vacations or simply turn on the sprinkler for some simple, old-fashioned fun, we wanted to know:

What is your favorite childhood summer memory?

Perhaps it was a specific vacation, trip to the beach or the fact that your mom made the best homemade popcicles?

tent-1208201_1920While I have fond memories of sleeping on the trampoline under the stars and eating insane amounts of watermelon with my best friend in her backyard – I do have one favorite. One summer my parents loaded up our minivan with camping gear and we hit the road with no real destination in mind. My dad simply chose a general direction and we set off in search of a place to camp. The sense of adventure was thrilling. We ended up in a little place called Lillooet in the Interior of B.C. and camped in a site along a beautiful river. We fell in love with the gold-speckled beach, the red rock mountains stretched high above us and the vast contrast of landscape from what we knew back home. We returned to this campground, even managing to get the same site most times, summer after summer. While I haven’t been for a number of years now, my parents still go each year and I look forward to taking my girls there too.

– Michelle Smid, GMP Community Outreach Coordinator

Here is what some Good Mother Project readers shared as their favorite summertime memories:

When I was about 7 years old my family lived with my Aunt and Uncle in a great neighbourhood in Abbotsford. Almost every night in the summer the kids in the neighbourhood would gather at the mailbox and have a huge game of hide and seek!!! Those were the good ole days!! So much fun. – Shannon Grochowski

children-839789_1920My parents’ property has a river that wraps around it and every Sunday afternoon we’d go through the woods to the Sandbar, a pristine white sand beach, and play ’til the mosquitoes carried us home. Other families would join us at we’d have the best time ever playing in the river. – Candice Marley Conner

We spent it out in the neighbourhood …the street lights were our clocks …our dad would fill plastic bottles full of water piercing a hole in the lid and let us run wild around the neighbourhood soaking our friends and each other…we’d go to our granny’s farm and roll around in hay while our uncle told us not to!
One summer I lost control of my bike and a friend and I had a fall…an ambulance arrived..we arrived at the A&E with the sirens flashing with my father cycling faster than the speed of light behind the ambulance … I spent that Summer in a soft cast as the bone had come out of my leg, arm and shoulder …it was awesome..I was waited on hand and foot. Let me tell you ; having 3 brothers and 3 sisters THIS was the highlight of the Summer I turned 13 ! – Geraldine Renton

The theme of this community post reminded me of all the “summer firsts” my girls are experiencing this year. I think we need to remember to take some time and appreciate all the little adventures….this summer alone we have been climbing trees, buying ice cream before dinner, and learning to ride bikes, all for the first time!  So, here’s my advice! – Patricia Pole

My favorite summer childhood memory of my child. I would have to say this year since he’s a little older than last year, and we are able to do things and fun things at that. His favorite place beside the pool which can be his pool or a regular pool, is the places that have the inflatables. Seeing him having fun, laughter, and hearing his giggle is priceless, and brings a smile to my face! We also love to try different crafts as well. – Lauren Coto

pie-693850_1920A simple yet happy memory for me is picking blackberries when I was younger. My dad had a tractor and we would go in the bucket to reach the juiciest ones that no one else on our street could reach. My mom would make blackberry pies and shortcake with them and to this day, fresh fruit or berry pies with vanilla ice cream are my favourite. – Louise D. Chapman

Biking with my mom and dad to the local farm that was the last hold-out in the middle of the suburban housing developments to pick blueberries. They had the biggest ones – even bigger than I’ve seen at farmers’ markets. We’d get strawberry smoothies afterwards that would give you brain freeze unless you drank them painfully slow. – Shannon Brescher Shea

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  1. Candice Reply

    Most of these are making me hungry! 🙂 Love reading all these summer memories and can’t wait to make more with my kiddos. Thanks, GMP!

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