What’s Your Most Embarrassing Motherhood Moment?

For June’s community post we posed the question, what is your most embarrassing motherhood moment? For me, it was definitely the time I was in a store with my two kids and my oldest yelled out “Don’t punch me!” at the top of her lungs. Oh boy. I don’t remember the situation exactly, but I assure you, I most certainly did not punch her. I was stunned, shocked and thoroughly embarrassed. We had a good chat about saying things that aren’t true. Here were the responses from some of our Good Mother Project readers.

~ Michelle, GMP Community Outreach Coordinator

What is your most embarrassing motherhood moment?

Probably my most embarrassing moment to date is when I was out with the kids and my husband and my daughter Rinoa who is breastfed (13 months and still going strong!) Decided to help herself to the boob and she pulled my shirt down in front of everyone at the mall 😂 – Terri Marie

My most embarrassing motherhood moment was in a grocery store with my newborn in a sling wrap and my toddler. My toddler was really struggling with her emotions and during this managed to pull my pants down. Between having my hands completely full and the newborn in a sling wrap I couldn’t bend down to pull them back up. I was literally standing there wondering what on earth I was going to do when a very kind woman came running over and just pulled my pants back up as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I tried to act totally normal, calm and collected during the rest of our time in the store but inside I was totally cringing. – Charlotte Watson 

When my oldest son was four we were headed downtown, on a very crowded skytrain, for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. He loudly asked my husband to show off his “bum rash” (bruise) and started chanting “Bum rash! Bum rash!” (Click her name for the full story.) – Louise D Chapman

When my toddler asked a lady serving us ‘why are you wearing a big cock on your arm lady?’
He meant CLOCK – and it was just the face of the clock he could see as her small slim arm made it look huge . I have also written about it and so much more here. – Geraldine Renton 

Do I only have to choose one? There are soooo many. I would say one of the worst happened recently when we were visiting family in Texas for the first time. My 11 year old son was having some tummy troubles and after accidentally bolting into the women’s bathroom, ended up having to leave his pants in the garbage can at the Liquor Store we were at (yep, the liquor store). We had to get creative and he walked out of the bathroom and through the whole giant store with his hoodie tied around his waist. It was bad on a number of levels. The only thing that made it bearable was the fact that we live in a different country and would never have to see any of the people in the store again. On the bright side, my 11 year old son was a rock star about it and we all laughed hysterically when we got back to the vehicle. – Lara Newell-Barrette

My most embarrassing moment was in a department store. A very good looking man was standing near me and we started to chat. My daughter was just barely a year at the time and she was being well behaved. The man was saying goodbye and my daughter was waving to him, it was really cute. As he turned his back and walked away my daughter farted so loudly that I’m pretty sure the floor shook. The man looked back at me and all I could do was blush. I wanted to yell “I swear it was the baby,” but there’s no way anyone would ever believe someone so small could make that loud of a noise!! Needless to say, I did a walk of shame after that!!! – Katie Lee

Accidentally poured expressed breastmilk all over a table at a restaurant. Would’ve been better–and less embarrassing–if I had just nursed! – Candice Marley Connor

My biggest cringe worthy moment so far was showing up for daycare pickup, still in my PJs pants and unwashed hair because one of the kids was sick, to be told one of the other ones had lice. The thought of having to go buy the treatment with three runny-noses preschoolers, me a mess, was just too much. I called my husband and had him meet us at the pharmacy. – Jenna Morton

Heading home from the beach. Everything packed and ready to head off the sand… I “let” my then 2yo toddler walk on his own because my hands were loaded. Then he took off. I can’t exactly RUN on the beach with my hands and shoulders full of beach supplies, so I drop everything and run after him *where, by this point, he’s already up the UP portion of the ramp over the dune* He is LAUGHING because he knows he heard me say LEO STOP!! STOP PLEASE! but didn’t. Well I catch him and pick him up and put him over my shoulder so I could walk back to get my things. (At this point, I wasn’t happy, but remained as composed as I could..my energy was not happy though). Well another family was walking off the beach and saw my toddlers face, over my shoulder, because he was caught AND out of breath… *he was not happy* – it probably looked like I was torturing him because the dad *I’m assuming* said out loud “Um, His face is purple* and I can only guess he meant my sons. I said out loud (okay quite loud) “I’M A GOOD MAMA. I’M A GOOD MAMA.” and started to cry because I work SO hard to be extremely patient and kind to Leo, to understand that he isn’t GIVING ME a hard time, he’s HAVING a hard time. And this man saw this ONE MOMENT IN TIME… and I was convinced he judged me as one of those mean moms. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. – Kerilyn Russo

Oh goodness just one? When my first daughter was only 4 months we thought it a great idea to travel from Aldergrove to Winnipeg, driving. There were many, “what the” moments but the worst was on our way back. We were tired and hungry and stopped in at a Tim Hortons to use the bathroom to change our daughter, eat some of a packed lunch plus purchase some food. Well the line for the washroom was extremely long, our daughter was crying so we decided (not saying this was a smart idea) to pull out the change pad and change her on the table. EVERYONE stared and hugely judged us and the manager came out and yelled at us. We ended up being kicked out of the restaurant with everyone staring with their judging eyes. I was humliated but laugh now at it all! One: what were we thinking and Two: why in the world do they make one person bathrooms in a busy location??! – Shannon Grochowski 

Standing in the checkout line at a store, and my then two year old daughter (now six) started asking me very loudly “why is your bagina SO hairy and SO big?” I was about thirty-six weeks pregnant 😂 it was awful. Of course I was alone with her and my middle son who was twenty months, so I had to stand there and die on the inside waiting to pay for groceries. – Amanda Zielinsky

When my son was around two years old grocery shopping was still a somewhat pleasant task with him. He enjoyed sitting in the cart and helping me “treasure hunt” our grocery list. One day, around the same time his verbal skills were improving, we were doing a shop at the local Safeway when my son started yelling at the top of his lungs, “I eat poop! I EAT POOP!! I EAT POOOOOP!!!” I was somewhat mortified but assured everyone we were passing he did not actually eat poop and that he had a very decent diet. Seeing the reactions he was getting, he kept up his pronouncements for the rest of the shopping trip, which I understandably cut a bit short. The next week when we once again headed to Safeway I had my fingers crossed that there would be no “poop” repeat. And there wasn’t. Instead this time, when we were almost done our shop and were half way down the cereal aisle with half a dozen other shoppers, he loudly announced, “I eat mom’s vagina! I EAT MOM’S VAGINA!! I EAT MOM’S VAGINAAAAA!!!” I like to think I can roll with a lot. But not that. Definitely not that. I plucked him out of the cart, abandoned our groceries, and promptly left the store. I do all I can to grocery shop without him now. – Amanda Woodward


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